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Invitation to the conference Visual Learning –

A Year After organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences / Budapest University of Technology and Economics project Perspectives on Visual Learning

Date/venue: May 23, 2019,

14:00–17:00, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Main Building, “Felolvasóterem”

Program: 14:00–14:15: András Benedek: Opening address

14:15–14:30: Kristóf Nyíri: “Visual Cognition: The State of the Art”

14:35–14:45: Petra Aczél: “Rhetoric: The Primordial Power”

14:45–14:55: Anna Somfai: “Visual Thinking: A Cognitive Reading of Codex Layouts”

14:55–15:05: Irma Puškarević: “Visualizing with Letters”

15:05–15:15: Andrea Kárpáti: “Bauhaus Pedagogy: The Origins of Design Based Thinking”

Coffee break

15:35–15:45: András Falus: “Images, as Essential Parts in the Tool-Set of Scientists Both As Regards Natural and Social Topics”

15:45–15:55: Péter Neuman: “The Victory of the Visual Approach in Abstract Physical Theory”

15:55–16:05: Anna Chiara Sabatino: “Audio-Visual Narratives, Virtual and Augmented Realities: Urban Space 3.0”

16:10–16:30: Discussion Reception Interested in attending?

Contact <nyirik@gmail.com>.

Budapest, April 22, 2019.

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